Sunken In-Ground Trampoline Installation

“We pride ourselves on providing the very best in-ground trampoline installation and service”

Paul Andrews – Company Director


In-Ground trampoline installation

“Using machinery we will undertake the hole excavation, digging and removing a minimum of around 8tonnes of soil and creating the exact shape, depth and structure for the sunken in-ground trampoline”

Sunken in-ground trampoline installation and cost

“We will then fully assemble the trampoline, safety padding and retaining wall”

“We then line the hole out with a geotextile membrane to avoid weeds from forming in the hole”


Sunken In-ground trampoline

“Once the trampoline hole has been lined and the soak-away created, we then place the assembled sunken in-ground trampoline into the hole and level the in-ground trampoline up”

Sunken In-ground trampoline installed

“We then backfill around the edge of the trampoline leaving no gaps between the lawn and trampoline” “Leaving your sunken in-ground trampoline ready for use the same day!”



Fully Supplied & Installed Sunken In-Ground Trampolines 

We have supplied and installed our in-ground trampolines to customers all over the the UK and we would be delighted to supply and install your sunken trampoline for you and your family. This maybe to do the complete work for you in a project managed way or just to do some parts of the work. Our sunken trampoline installation is available throughout the UK.

Please call or email us at 01283 347744 and provide us with the following information:

  1. Where are you located?
  2. What size trampoline would you like?
  3. Can we get a mini digger into your garden – minimum access required 800mm?
  4. Do you want the soil removed from your garden and if so can we put a skip on your driveway?
  5. Is there easy and unobstructed access to the skip from where you’re putting the trampoline and how far is this?
  6. What type of soil do you have in your garden where the trampoline is going?
  7. Are you reasonably certain there are no obstructions such as water or electricity cables that may interfere with the digging?

If possible, please provide a few pictures of the trampoline site and such things as the access to remove soil or bring in mini/micro-diggers.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Paul Andrews.

Note: We install a geotextile membrane and soak-away to prevent weed and water build-up on all our installations.