An Sunken In Ground Trampoline is a great way to provide interaction and safe play

The children need some fun outdoors in all weathers. As parents we know this but they can get board! We need safe ideas for all garden sizes. An In Ground Trampoline is a great way to provide interaction and safe play in the garden. Due to their height they often need supervision at the apparatus, also the gaps between the springs are a risk. A Sunken trampoline avoids both of theses risks allowing children of all ages to bounce on the in ground trampoline safely while parents observe from a distance. The in-ground sunken element means children have no fall risk and the springs been protected means no limbs can been caught. This safe and brilliant alternative allows play and exercise for all ages. Crawling babes can even enjoy with closer supervision.

Children now are more garden limited due to social safety but yet the average garden is smaller. Most Trampolines are often an eyesore with the large height and netting. A Sunken Trampoline alleviates this, as it is flush to your garden Children have more room to move around with a sunken trampoline and you don’t have to keep looking at it. A sunken trampoline can even be covered with clever decking and used as an eating area. Caring for a Sunken Trampoline is easy. Just cover in periods of high rain exposure, this can be done with a cover or a decked area. A Sunken in-ground Trampoline is that easy to maintain, no wind risk and no dismantling.

Children’s excitement and enthusiasm for trampolining is beautiful to watch. For you there is satisfaction of having a useful and beautiful garden space. As parents you can stand back a little while the children bounce the afternoon away.