In ground trampolining in the UK

A safe brilliant alternative for garden and social play trampolining is emerging.

Inbuilt, in-ground Sunken trampolines provide a wonderful way for children to use up energy and have fun, while providing parents with far more peace of mind and freedom than a regular trampolining.

The possibility of tumbling off the trampoline is elevated, traditionally they are high off the ground standing on legs a distance from the ground, increasing the risk of injury if a child falls or bounces off. There are also gaps between the trampoline and the frame were the springs are.

An in ground sunken trampoline eliminates these risks, there is no were to fall and no exposed gaps. A sunken in ground trampoline is very easily accessible at ground height especially for small children and babies who are crawling, they can use a sunken trampoline as there is no ladder to climb or space underneath to get bounced on.  While supervision is of course required parents do not need to stand at the trampoline, as is so often the case with the traditional above ground type.


There’s no two ways about it trampolines are an eyesore in your garden. They take up a lot of room and often have ripped netting rusty legs and weeds growing underneath.   A traditional trampoline gives less room to move in the garden and it often dwarfs the garden space putting many families off a trampoline purchase.

A sunken trampoline, however, is much more visually appealing. An in-ground trampoline is almost unnoticeable in some cases. An inbuilt sunken trampoline frees up space for children’s games and offers them an opportunity to use their creativity and invent new games with the bouncy surface.


Ease of Maintenance of a sunken trampoline is another appealing factor.  No taking apart, no weighing it down, no gardening underneath it. As there is less of the trampoline exposed to the elements, it is easier to keep the trampoline in top condition. It is simple to cover the entire trampoline with a cover.