Special needs in ground trampolining

How can a Sunken Trampoline Help?


There are so many different ways that special needs individuals can satisfy their desires and energy.  Many people are known to repetitively rock, sway, tap, swing and fidget.  Some people can display frustration and aggression.  There are better ways to release these energies and trampolining is ideal. It’s a great anti stress devise and great fun with many interactive links.  A Sunken Trampoline is safe and a more manageable way of providing fun, exercise, interaction and wellbeing for people within the special needs groups.  They are ideal to assist with an autistic individuals’ physical and mental wellbeing.   There is also a link to improvement of motor skills through games played on the trampoline.  A sunken trampoline allows those fully able and those with needs to come together and enjoy activities together.


Many have reported once a sunken trampoline is available that cannot be broken or messed with in any divisional way that other forms of sensory craving become reduced.  Destruction and repetitive behavior is reduced.  A sunken Trampoline gives great physical and mental health stimulation, energy normally expended in other, sometimes destructive, ways is focused towards the trampoline exercise. Any individual fully able, Special-needs or autistic who exercise on a trampoline regularly benefit from positive responses including improvements in physical wellbeing, general wellbeing, improved coordination, positive changes to negative behavior.  There is a reduction in higher impulse control and less destructive issues.


A major concern about the autism condition is mental health. Communication is often hindered, interaction with others is also often hindered. That means those with autism are unable to express their stress or anxiety in the same way people without autism would. A trampoline helps individuals with autism to control their anxiety and to relieve the build-up of stress and a sunken trampoline help’s them do this safely, easily with others and without dangers or distractions.


The produced sensations brought throughout the body when jumping on a trampoline is often craved by those with autism due to the imbalances experienced in their sensory systems.  So many families and caring organisations use trampolines as a way to encourage their loved ones and clients to wind-down and release tensions and anxiety.  It is a great interactive experience for everyone involved.