To Jump or Not to Jump: Why Use a Sunken In Ground Trampoline

To Jump or Not to Jump: Why Use a Sunken Trampoline

The kids are climbing the furniture and literally bouncing off the walls. The noise level is increasing and even though bedtime is approaching, no one seems ready to quiet down. Every parent knows this moment and the potential exhaustion that accompanies it, as you try to provide an outlet for a child’s energy. Sometimes people think of trampolines, as kids bound off beds and jump over chairs, but there is a legitimate safety concern with traditional trampolines. A brilliant alternative has developed, however. Sunken trampolines provide a wonderful way for children to use up energy and have fun, while providing parents with far more peace of mind than a regular trampoline.

General Safety

One of the biggest dangers when trampolining is the possibility of tumbling off the edge. Most units stand on legs a fair distance from the ground, increasing the risk of injury if a child falls or bounces off. A safety net is not necessarily needed (although some may still choose to use one) with an in-ground trampoline, as a stumble off the edge would simply deposit the child on level ground. It is also more easily accessible, especially for small children, as there is no ladder to climb. Additionally, as there is no access to the area beneath the trampoline, kids and pets can’t crawl underneath and risk getting bounced on from above, which can be quite serious.

More Useful Garden Space

No matter how much fun a trampoline is, for kids and even adults, it is an eyesore in your outdoor space. They take up a lot of room in your garden and provide a rather ugly focal point. Kids have less room to move around and have more chance of crashing into the trampoline if they are playing football or running games. A sunken trampoline, however, is much more visually appealing in your garden and is almost unnoticeable in some cases. Even more importantly, it frees up space for children’s games and offers them an opportunity to use their creativity and invent new games with the bouncy surface.

Ease of Maintenance

Maintaining a sunken trampoline might not be something that applies directly to the kids using the equipment, but it can still affect their safety. As there is less of the trampoline exposed to the elements, it is easier to keep the trampoline in top condition. It is simple to cover the entire trampoline, diminishing the opportunity of water damage and rust. There is also no need to move the trampoline to care for the grass or remove accumulated debris. For windy areas, there is comfort in knowing that your trampoline is secure, and has no chance of blowing over and causing damage. Having a trampoline that is easy to maintain keeps your investment in top condition and keeps your kids playing happily and safely in the garden.

As the kids tumble around the house like rambunctious puppies, imagine their excitement and enthusiasm for trampolining. Imagine the satisfaction of having such a useful garden space. And then the choice is yours: relax and watch the kids bounce to their heart’s content or get out there and show them how it’s done!