What are the benefits of an In-Ground Trampoline?

What are the benefits of an In-Ground Trampoline?

General Safety

Traditional trampolines biggest dangers are the possibility of tumbling off the edge. Most trampolines stand on legs a fair distance from the ground, increasing the risk of injury if a child falls or bounces off.  In-ground trampolines mean children as young as 18 months can play safety, a net is not necessary with an in-ground trampoline as a tumble off the edge would simply land the child on the grass.

An In-Ground Trampoline is so accessible especially for small children, even pre walkers can use them. In ground trampolines also mean there is no access beneath the trampoline, kids and pets can’t crawl underneath and risk getting bounced on from above.

More Useful Garden

Trampolines are often an eyesore, the height of the netting, in-ground trampoline alleviates this as it is flush to your Kids have more room to move around with a in-ground trampoline and you don’t have to keep looking at it.  In-ground trampolines  are much more visually appealing in your garden and is almost unnoticeable in some cases. Even more importantly, it frees up space for children’s games and offers them an opportunity to use their creativity, and physical ability without you standing outside the trampoline.

Ease of Maintenance

Maintaining a in-ground trampoline is easy, cover it when it’s regularly raining to reduce the risk of damage. You don’t need to dismantle or move for lawn mowing or tie down in string winds.  Just cover in periods of high rain exposure, this can be done with a simple cover. Other families get more creative and have a decked area they place over it so the in-ground trampoline area is multi functional for the family. An  in-ground trampoline is that easy to maintain.

The kids excitement and enthusiasm for trampolining is beautiful to watch, Imagine the satisfaction of having such a useful garden space you can stand back from while they bounce and jump the afternoon away.  The sizes available allow children of all ages to play safely and adults too!! Sinking your trampoline in-ground has so much potential.