14ft Round Sunken Trampoline Kit.


14ft Round EXIT Supreme Sunken Trampoline ø427cm Completeley Ground Level

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  • General
    • Max user weight 135kg
    • Conforms to EN1176 Playground Equipment Standard
  • Dimensions
    • Diameter: ø427cm/14ft (outside diameter of the trampoline)
    • Height: 0cm frame height! (fully flush to the ground trampoline)
  • Frame
    • Tube diameter: ø42×1,8mm
    • Galvanized and black powder coated
  • Springs
    • 88
    • 216mm /  8.5″  Five STAR Bounce
    • dubbel conical shape
  •  Padding
    • foam thickness no less than 30mm thick over the entire width!
    • 0.74mm thick PVC (both top and bottom)!
    • Including drainage holes on the inside of the padding
  • Jumping mat
    • Made of high quality material of the brand Ten Cate
    • High quality jumping mat with a more open structure for excellent ventilation
    • In addition venting takes place via the inside of the padding – not on the top unlike some other in-ground trampolines.
  • Warranty
    • 10 yrs warranty on the frame
    • 5 yr warranty on the springs
    • 5 yr warranty on the padding
    • 2 yrs warranty on the jumping mat
  •  Professional Installation service available on this 14ft round sunken trampoline
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Sunken trampolines are gaining in popularity. However, most sunken trampolines in the market are still 20-30 cm above the ground to let the moved air escape. So not a 100% ground level trampoline! The EXIT Supreme sunken trampolines are positioned at the level of the lawn and are the only real ground level trampoline.

Innovative air-ventilation
For the air that still needs to escape EXIT have developed an ingenious system. The mat has a more open structure and, in addition venting takes place via the inside of the padding.

EXIT Sunken trampolines are very well made. Jumping fun is guaranteed for many years! In addition, the high-quality padding the EXIT Sunken trampoline has a very luxurious look and feel. These Sunken trampolines are equipped with a very wide padding. The edge is no less than 44 cm wide. Furthermore, the foam filling of the pad is 30mm thick and features a PVC outer edge of up 0,74mm thickness. The high quality material is UV resistant. Because the frame is galvanized and black powder coated, rust has no chance. A lot of attention has been paid to the jumping mat. The Mat is made of the high quality material of the brand Ten Cate, specially produced in the UNITED STATES. Furthermore, the mat has a more open structure that reduces air accumulation. Furthermore, this has the advantage that the mat dries more quickly after rainfalll.

The Ground Level trampoline offers ultimate jumping comfort:

  • The double conical springs up to 216mm/ 8.5″ length provide optimal jumping comfort: a higher jump and a softer landing.
  • The innovative air-ventilation system ensures an ultimate airflow with an excellent and comfortable jump as a result.

Unique Safety System
A safety-feature has been developed where the springs are not accessible; Children can therefore not reach the springs with their feet (see picture below).