7ft x 12ft Rectangle Sunken Trampoline Kit.


EXIT Supreme Rectangle Sunken Trampoline 7 x 12ft Top-quality purpose built in-ground trampoline kit – comes with its own retaining wall to stop soil collapsing.

We can install this for you: hello@sunkentrampoline.com

  • General
    • Max user weight 135kg
    • Conforms to EN1176 Playground Equipment Standard
  •  Dimensions
    • Rectangular: ø214x366cm/7x12ft (outside diameter trampoline)
    • Height: 0cm frame height! (fully flush-to-ground trampoline)
  • Frame
    • Tube diameter: ø50×2,5/1,4mm
    • Galvanised – powder coated
  • Trampoline Springs
    • 76
    • 216mm /  8.5″  Five Star Bounce
    • dubbel conical shape
  •  Padding – Fully UV Protected
    • Thickness 30mm
    • 0.74mm thick PVC (both top and bottom)!
    • Drainage holes on the inside of the padding
  • Bouncing mat
    • Made of very high quality material
    • Premium jumping mat with a more open structure for better ventilation
    • In addition venting takes place inside of the padding area
  • Warranty
    • 10 yrs warranty on the frame
    • 5 yr warranty on the springs
    • 5 yr warranty on the padding
    • 2 yrs warranty on the jumping mat
  • Installation service available – 01283 563151
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EXIT Supreme Rectangle Sunken Trampoline Kit 214 x 366cm (7 x 12ft). Top Quality!

Innovative air-ventilation
For the air that still needs to escape EXIT have developed an ingenious system. The mat has a more open structure and venting takes place via the inside of the padding.


The Supreme Ground Level offers ultimate jumping comfort:

  • The double conical springs up to 216mm/8.5″ length provide optimal jumping comfort: a higher jump and a softer landing.
  • The innovative air-ventilation system ensures an ultimate airflow with an excellent and comfortable jump as a result.

Sunken Trampoline Safety
A safety-feature has been developed where the springs are not accessible; Children can therefore not reach the springs with their feet (see picture below).